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Git Basics

Git is a distributed version control system. Originally written by Linus Torvalds to be used with the development of the Linux kernel, it has now become the go-to way to share work between multiple developers.

In this article I will summarise what I feel to be the next-step basics of git, explaining each notion along the way.

Generic Flyweight in C++

The flyweight is a well-known GoF design pattern.

It’s intent is to minimize memory usage by reducing the number of instantiations of a given object.

I will show you how to implement a robust flyweight in C++, as well as a way to make it templatable for easy use with no boiler-plate.

The Drone CI debacle

I wanted to deploy this small website to post small blog posts as the inspiration would come. Because I’m stubborn, I wanted to self-host it, however I also wanted the process to publish to my website to be as stream-lined as it could be. Therefore, I decided to have it continuously delivered so that pushing a new commit to my server would automatically build the changes and serve them.

Hello World

Test post please ignore

Hello world, this is just to test the capabilities of Hugo